Spectral selective inside window film

Pleolit® SP window films open a new dimension in spectral selectivity. Their superior solar energy rejection and high visible light transmission exceed any installer’s expectations. Their absorption rate as low as 22% allows inside installation on most complex glazing structures. Since the loss of visible light is so limited that it becomes invisible, there is no negative effect on your electricity bill due to increased use of lighting inside the building.

Thickness: 62,5 μm
Warranty: 10 years
Adhesive: PS
Installation: Inside
Width: 1.52 m, 1,82 m

Key Features

  • Highest Visible light transmission
  • Superior total solar energy rejection
  • Lowest possible absorption
  • Neutral appearance
  • Excellent cost/performance ratio

Performance data Pleolit

Pleolit SP75

Pleolit SP70

Pleolit SP65

Visible range (380 – 780 nm)
Pleolit SP75: 75%
Pleolit SP70: 73%
Pleolit SP65: 67%
Reflection film side
Pleolit SP75: 9%
Pleolit SP70: 9%
Pleolit SP65: 10%
Solar range (300 – 2500 nm)
Pleolit SP75: 42%
Pleolit SP70: 47%
Pleolit SP65: 38%
Reflection film side
Pleolit SP75: 36%
Pleolit SP70: 27%
Pleolit SP65: 37%
Pleolit SP75: 22%
Pleolit SP70: 26%
Pleolit SP65: 25%
Total solar energy rejection TSER
Pleolit SP75: 53%
Pleolit SP70: 50%
Pleolit SP65: 57%
Solar factor g
Pleolit SP75: 0.47
Pleolit SP70: 0.50
Pleolit SP65: 0.43
UV-range (280 - 380 nm)
Pleolit SP75: > 99%
Pleolit SP70: > 99%
Pleolit SP65: > 99%

Spectral selective interior

Download our SP75 datasheet