Reflective outside window film

Argentum OS sputtered window films are advanced exterior silver films with a top co-extrusion layer for extreme UV conditions, increased durability and life-time.Our silver films offer a superior weatherability and excellent UV-protection, and help to resolve issues of excessive heat and glare. Argentum OS is available in two versions, with 20% and 40% Visible Light Transmission.

Thickness: 62.5 µm
Warranty: EU, NO and CH only: 8- year warranty (vertical), 4-year warranty (horizontal, sloped)
Adhesive: PS
Installation: Outside
Width: 1,52m, 1,82m

Key features

  •                                                     OS20    OS40
  • Visible light transmission:        18%      38%
  • Total solar energy rejected:     81%       62%
  • Enhanced durability with co-extruded UV-stable top coat
  • 100% colour-stable
  • 8-year warranty (vertical), 4-year warranty (horizontal, sloped), with fully sealed edges (applicable in EU, NO and CH only) 

Peformance data Argentum OS-Film on glass 4mm

Argentum OS20

Argentum OS40

Visible range (380 – 780 nm)
Argentum OS20: 18%
Argentum OS40: 38%
Reflection film side
Argentum OS20: 59%
Argentum OS40: 36%
Argentum OS20: 23%
Argentum OS40: 26%
Solar range (300 – 2500 nm)
Argentum OS20: 14%
Argentum OS40: 30%
Argentum OS20: 62%
Argentum OS40: 42%
Argentum OS20: 24%
Argentum OS40: 28%
Total Solar Energy rejected (TSER)
Argentum OS20: 81%
Argentum OS40: 62%
Solar factor g
Argentum OS20: 0.19
Argentum OS40: 0.38
UV-range (280 - 380 nm) rejection
Argentum OS20: 99%
Argentum OS40: 99%

Reflective exterior

Download our Argentum OS datasheet