Automotive window film

Spectrally selective advanced films. This is a revolution in car window technology! 

Pleolit® automotive window films install well on all car windows, even complex windshields and rear windows, thanks to their superior shrinking characteristics. Their extremely high visible ligh transmission of up to 78% and low reflection of visible light guarantee a neutral appearance, that is combined with an excellent  heat rejection. 

Thanks to the sputtered metal layers, the solar rejection is attained by high reflection of infrared heat instead of absorption, which guarantees an optimal comfort while driving your car or vehicle. 

Installation can be done for car manufacturers at the factory, but also on any individual vehicle.

Thickness: 62,5 ┬Ám
Warranty: 10 years
Adhesive: PS
Installation: Inside
Width: 1.82 m

Key features

Highest visible light transmission
Excellent solar properties
Low absorption
Neutral appearance
Excellent cost/performance ratio

Performance data - film on 4mm glass



Visible range (380 - 780nm)
AT80: 78%
AT75: 75%
Reflection film side
AT80: 9%
AT75: 9%
Solar range (300 -2500nm)
AT80: 16%
AT75: 22%
Total solar energy rejection TSER
AT80: 45%
AT75: 53%
Solar factor g
AT80: 0.55
AT75: 0.47
UV range (280 - 380nm)
AT80: >99%
AT75: >99%