About us

Umiscreen, as part of the family-owned industrial company Group MAM, is a Belgium-based manufacturer of innovative window films.

Made of advanced precious metals and oxides vacuum deposited on the most superior polyester our films meet the stringest quality and durabilty tests.

PleolitĀ®, one new technology, endless product innovations

Based on our developed and patented coating technology PLEOLIT®, we offer a superior range of window films that are adapted to current market trends and customer needs:

Improved spectral-selectivity: our window films offer a unique combination of more visible light and unseen solar energy rejection results.

Reflect, not absorb: as glazing systems become more complex and most window films absorb 30% or more solar energy, thermal glass breakage is becoming a significant risk when installing window film on the inside. Since our films have absorption rates of 17% only,  they can easily be installed on the inside of most modern window structures.

Outside installation: in order to avoid thermal breakage risks, more and more window films are installed on the outside.  Our new exterior window films offer a superior durability and a 8-year warranty. 

Flexible manufacturing: we can cater our products to your specific needs, in terms of technical specifications as well as width, length and packaging of our films.

New developments : Group MAM is also involved in several development projects like the SNROOF Project with partners IMEC, AGP, Arkema, and IPTE for the development Solar multi-junction cells integrated in 3D curved roofs of electric vehicles, more info on SNRoof.

Our mission

We improve the comfort and carbon footprint of buildings all over the world, thanks to the development, manufacturing and sales of superior window films.

Our values

We respect our employees, partners, customers and suppliers.
Through technological innovations, we continuously improve our products and quality.
We contribute to a better environment with carbon footprint reducing products and by embracing the cradle to cradle principle.