We manufacture window film

From our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Belgium we offer an innovative and premium range of windows films that outperform existing products. Thanks to our patented low absorption technology PLEOLIT®, window film installers around the world now have the possibility to install high-performance window films on double, low-e, laminated and triple glazing.    

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Belgium Quality

Spectral selective insideWindow film

Pleolit® SP window films for inside installation open a new dimension in spectral selectivity, combining superior light transmission with unseen solar rejection efficiencies.

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Reflective insideWindow film

The Argentum interior films offer the ideal solution for buildings that, in addition to overheating,
suffer from excess light glare from the outside or whose view needs to be reduced.

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Spectral selective outsideWindow film

Pleolit® OS 75 exterior window films offer the same benefits as their inside variant, with a 10% higher solar rejection efficiency, and a superior outside durability with a 10-year warranty thanks to our new hardcoat technology. 

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Reflective outsideWindow film

Argentum OS sputtered window films are advanced exterior silver films with a top co-extrusion layer for extreme UV conditions, increased durability and life-time.

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AutomotiveWindow film

Pleolit® automotive : spectrally selective advanced films for cars & vehicles with the highest visible light transmission combined with excellent heat rejection. This is a revolution in car window technology!

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