All-season window film

Pleolit® LE 75 all-season window films offer the exact same benefits and solar performance results as the Pleolit® SP range, combined with superior heat insulation capabilities. Thanks to their lowest emissivity on the market (0.04), they offer a true all-season solution for colder climates.

Thickness: 75 μm
Material: UV-stabilized super clear PET
Top coating: clear, inorganic and non-absorbing hardcoat
Adhesive: PS
Installation: Inside
Warranty: 10 years

Key Features

  • Visible light transmission: 75%
  • Total solar energy rejected: 53%
  • Low absorption: 22%
  • Emissivity: 0,04
  • Neutral appearance
  • Affordable

Performance data

Film on glass

Visible range (380 – 780 nm)
4mm Film on glass: 75%
Reflection film side
4mm Film on glass: 9%
4mm Film on glass: 16%
Solar range (300 – 2500 nm)
4mm Film on glass: 42%
Reflection film side
4mm Film on glass: 36%
4mm Film on glass: 22%
Total solar energy rejection TSER
4mm Film on glass: 53%
Solar factor g
4mm Film on glass: 0.47
Shading coefficient SC
4mm Film on glass: 0.54
UV-range (280 - 380 nm)
4mm Film on glass: > 99%
Thermal range (5000 - 50.000 nm)
4mm Film on glass: 0,041

All data reported have been measured, calculated and reported in accordance with European Standard EN410 and EN673, by Interuniversity INISMA Belgium. The technical results are subject to variations within industry standards. These test data only contain results that were obtained after the use of specific test procedures and standards. Extrapolation of the data of the sample or samples relating to the batch or lot from which data were obtained may not correlate and should be interpreted with caution. Group M.A.M. is not responsible for differences in quality, composition, appearance, performance, or other feature of a similar product produced by persons or under conditions over which Group M.A.M. has no control.

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